Monday, August 30, 2010

HAPH - Brooklyn,N.Y

This Rising Star Hits the Streets Hard with his single
 The Epitome-
"Born N. Le Guerre P/K/A "Haph" (half) is a highly gifted and rarely talented rapper, musician, writer, producer, and studio engineer who was born and raised in crown heights Brooklyn, N.Y.C to parents of the West Indies island of Trinidad & Tobago.

Having being a rapper with a distinctive voice and distinguished flows, a self taught guitarist, writer, producer, arranger and studio engineer, with his own recording facility, "Haph" has taken control of his own destiny. Between all the industry politics, music being his primary focus, indulging in the N.Y.C streets and all its vices, he has fought to keep his spiritual, mental, and physical balance. In his solo project "Haph" exhibits passion, style, charisma, and a natural personality that can not be bought. After having been virtually forced to master his craft due to a politically driven music business, not only did "Haph" develop into an all around ARTIST but, his experience has made him an excellent instrument in ARTIST development." -Bio

Here are a list of links to hear The Haph's Music:

Listen and Check out The Haph!
Let me Know if he Brings the Heat!!
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