Friday, August 26, 2011

Top Hip Hop Hunnies

(I bet you thought it would be pics of hot females huh???)

The Sexiest Men in Hip Hop
These men are not listed in any particular order and believe it or not...I struggled to make this list.

First up to Bat is Mr. Kanye West he has an emotional, cocky, unstable type of Sexy. Very easy on the eye, just don't open your mouth sexy.

Drake has a strange sexy to him, sometimes its there, sometimes its not. In this pic he is very sexy.

Next is Nelly he is Very very SExy, much like his girl Ashanti, they are in despite need of another hit.

 Trey Songz is a sexy young man. Trey has an adolescent face with a Grown Man Body. Nice.

Lastly we have the King of  Hip Hop Sexy!! Timeless in his own way despite the rumors of nip and tuck on face... LL Cool J has a mature just don't take the hat off Sexy!!

There you have it, my list of  Hip Hop Hunnies. Did I miss anybody???
 UnderGroundz Highlighted Heat

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