Thursday, August 9, 2012

*New Unsigned Hype* Sean Hampton

"The Hip-Hop industry is no longer a place one dimensional artists can't wear the business hat. Rappers are just as mainstream as anyone else when it comes to the advertising & business world. Enter the next generation of Brooklyn Hip-Hop Entrepreneurs and you will come across Sean Hampton.

Sean describes himself as an “entertainer, storyteller, motivator, griot” on his previous mixtape Brooklyn’s Griot and his efforts were reflective of the perpetual struggle between speaking about matters of urgency and catering to what will move units. He claims Hip-Hop Godfather Russell Simmons and superb mc/business icon Jay-Z as his biggest inspirations while he stakes his claim as the next best business mind with dope lines."- Bio

Tell me what you think of Sean Hampton... 
Is he bringing that fire???

UnderGroundz Highlighted Heat 
It's Ms.Chyna BlaQ

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